How do I buy/order a Comfysak?

You can order via email, phone, through one of our outlets or directly on this website using the following steps: Please visit our Buy Now page, select the Comfysak's of you're choice and click the add to cart button, then follow the prompts.


What is mobicred ™ ?

mobicred is a simple and convenient credit facility that allows customers to safely shop online at all participating retailers. It grants approved users access to an online revolving credit facility to purchase items online; the user pays 10% of the outstanding balance each month and gains access to any monies paid back into the account for purchases again. Click HERE for more info.

Who is mobicred?
Is an independent and authorized financial services provider.
How can I get mobicred?
It take seconds and is approved online! Simply click on the above heading or any of the mobicred adverts or links found in the Comfysak website, then simply follow the application prompts.
How can I buy with mobicred?
After completing the application and approval process with mobicred, simply add an item to your cart and follow the checkout process as normal, enter in all your details as prompted and then click "mobicred" as your preferred payment option.


What is the Comfysak™ made from?

The Comfysak beanbag has a plush outer layer of Corduroy, Suede or  Flokati Fur with a waterproof, patent protected static-neutralizing base (allowing temporary outdoor use) and a robust cotton inner to hold the foam. Both have strong zips, allowing the outer cover to be washed and foam to be added or removed from the inner. The Outdoor Comfysak beanbags are naturally covered entirely in waterproof canvas for permanent outdoor use, however please note that they still cannot be immersed in water etc.

What do I do if I want a different colour Comfysak?
No problem! You can pick the colour you want and you will only be charged for the outer sleeve, not a whole new sak.
Can I customise my Comfysak?
Absolutely! Custom colours will be available on request at an additional cost; personal or company logos can also be added to the saks. Contact us for more info! All Comfysak beanbags are branded as part of the Comfysak pedigree, should an alternative logo be needed. Please contact our Cape Town Head Office for details.


When can I expect delivery of my Comfysak ?

The delivery of all Comfysak products can be expected within 1-3 weeks from order placement. Upon dispatching, a dispatch email containing your orders tracking number(s) will be immediately sent to you. From here delivery is a short breath away; but you can still track your orders delivery directly via the "tracking" page on this website.

Can I collect?
Regrettably, no.
How is a Comfysak delivered?
All Comfysak beanbags are delivered compressed for easy handling and transport. Please allow up to 72hrs to fully expand, then simply zip the outer cover on.


What is the Comfysak™ filled with?

It is filled with virgin Vitafoam, which is a secret combination of the memory and support variant foams. Our special foam not only delivers yielding comfort and plush support but excellent bounce-back and longevity far beyond ALL normal foams!

Our foam filling expands around your body to support you when you're relaxing and returns to its original shape when you get off. It generally has a 5-15 year life span depending on the 'out-of-normal' and intensity of its use. Thereafter it can simply be topped up with additional Vitafoam from our factory.

Do I need to "fluff" the Comfysak after using it?
Generally no, however because of the pure-air-hungry nature of our foam, it will need to be fluff'ed every now and then. The reason: Due to the foam filling being exceptionally greedy for air, over time the foam at the center of your Comfysak beanbag will become starved for air and not ‘bounce back’ as quickly. To revitalize this bounce back, air needs to be circulated to the foam in the center by fluffing your Comfysak beanbag; therefore allowing the foam in the center to fully expand to its normal plushy size again:)
What do you mean by "fluff" the Comfysak?
This is the action needed to let air get to the foam inside the Comfysak beanbag, allowing it to expand to its full normal size after being used many times. To "Fluff" a Comfysak simply: 1.) Turn it onto its side; 2.) push down, 3.) then turn it back onto its base and 4.) manoeuvre the Comfysak beanbag back into your desired form.
Can I add or remove the foam foam filling to personalize my Comfysak?
Sure! The inner bag does have a zip so the foam filling can be added or removed at your leisure. Should you need more foam, please let us know so we can send you extra. Should you need to take some out to make the sak even softer, please save it just in case you would like to re-add some. A little foam makes a big difference!


Does the Comfysak™ come with a warranty?

Yes, each Comfysak beanbag comes with a 3 Year Factory Warranty which covers all the stitching, material and zips, in addition each Comfysak beanbag is also treated with MasterGuard fabric protection, which comes with MasterGuards 3 Year Protection Warranty. As with all warranties they are applicable in the country of purchase and exclude: rough handling, out-of-normal use, sun fading, negligence, normal wear and tear and/or mishandling. Like a vehicle warranty we cover the replacement/repair costs.

Who do I contact for a manufacturing defect?
Please give us a call as soon as possible and we will gladly address any problems. Please refer to the Comfysak website contact page to locate your nearest Comfysak agent.


How do I remove stains on my Comfysak ™?

All Comfysak beanbags (with the exception of Flokati Fur and the outdoor saks) are MasterGuarded. This means that they are protected by an insulating layer within the fabric against stains, spills etc.

For spills, we recommend drying/wiping of the spill area with a damp cloth as soon as possible to prevent 'caking the spill' resulting in a stain forming.

To remove stains, we recommend first removing the cover and using soda water and a hard cloth on the stained area. The outer cover can then be machine washed on a cold gentle cycle according to MasterGuard's instructions. Do not tumble dry. We do recommend that for the fabric’s longevity and to retain its plush feel, a hand soak and wash is preferable.

Which Comfysaks include FREE MasterGuard?
All Suede and Corduroy saks include free MasterGuard treatment. Additionally, the plush cover of the Outdoor Comfy(sak) is MasterGuarded. Regrettably, Flokati Fur doesn't include the free treatment and cannot be MasterGuarded.
Can I MasterGuard my Comfysak after I have purchased it?
Unfortunately not. The MasterGuard has to be applied to the material BEFORE it is sewn in order to ensure that the seams etc remain entirely protected. You can however order a new separate outer sleeve that is MasterGuarded for your Comfysak beanbag.
Who do I contact regarding Masterguard warranty claims?
Please contact MasterGuard directly and follow the instructions supplied in your MasterGuard warranty pamphlet.


What is BEDinside?

In a nutshell, there is literally a mattress inside each Comfysak beanbag or boontjiesak; making the Comfysak not only a Lap of Lounging Luxury but also a perfect solution for surprise sleep overs :)

BEDinside does not affect the Comfysak's heavenly comfort the slightest and is the latest patent protected Comfysak beanbag feature; included with all indoor Comfysak beanbags. See more info HERE


Why am I charged "taxes" on checkout?

Taxes or import duties are only charged on orders that need to be delivered outside of South Africa, we are legally required to charge these and pay them to the import authorities in the country the order is being delivered to; this means that there is only one payment needed and we sort out the rest :)

Taxes vary according to each individual country.


Can I get a discount if I buy more than one Comfysak™?

Depends, give us a call on (021) 823 7777 and chat with one of our managers. If you plan on ordering 10 or more Comfysak products, please contact us for bulk order discounting. Additionally, clients wanting their own branding need to contact us at the Cape Town Head Office.


What is your Returns and Refunds policy?

Please see here: https://www.comfysak.co.za/pages/refunds-returns-policy

What is your Terms of Service policy?

Please see here: https://www.comfysak.co.za/pages/terms-of-service


What payments do you accept?

We accept Debit and Credit cards, EFT, Mobicred, Laybay and Ukash. All online payments are processed via Payfast, i-Pay or Layby Cafe.


What are PayFast and i-Pay ?

PayFast and i-Pay are payments processing services for South Africans and South African websites. They enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money between online buyers and sellers.

They allow buyers to purchase safely from online suppliers in a variety of ways. They process credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Instant EFT (bank transfers to any of SA's four biggest banks that get instantly verified), Mobicred and Ukash. All card payments are protected via 3D secure.

What is Ukash?
Ukash is a voucher based payment system with which buyers can make online payments without the need for a bank account or a credit card. Vouchers can be purchased at thousands of retail outlets around the world.