11 Reasons to Love your Comfysak Beanbag

11 Reasons to Love your Comfysak Beanbag

We thought that a review of Comfysak might be a bit boring so we’ve put together 11 reasons why you should invest – or if you already own one, treasure – your Comfysak.

After all, a Comfysak is a scandalously good-looking Cloud Nine addition to every home.

    Dual use! Every locally-made Comfysak includes a patented BEDinside feature, which is a mattress inside the Comfysak cover that can be rolled out. It means that when your in-laws come to stay or you are hosting a sleepover for your kids – you have an extra mattress!

    Comfysak BEDinside - patent protected

    Quality is king 
    Our Comfysaks are hand-stitched and handmade locally in South Africa using only high-quality materials. They’re made to last. When you buy a Comfysak, you can rest assured that you’ve made an investment. And should there ever be a problem – please give us a call!

    Seams don’t pop Our stitching is overlocked and triple stitched with our stubbornly tough nylon inlaid thread. There has never been a customer who has complained about a broken or 'popped' seam before!

    Masterguard protects the COmfysak from our muddy friends

    MasterGuard against stains and spills

    We know that our saks are lifestyle products, which means they get used and are part of your life! We include free MasterGuard fabric protection with every Comfysak. It’s a cool 3-year warranty that’s sprayed onto your beanbag, sealing the fabric fibers against food and liquid spills. MasterGuard repels stains immediately! So, you can keep inviting over your messy friends and dogs with muddy paws!

    Variety of fabrics and colour

    We love spoiling our customers with a wide variety of colours and materials.  You can choose from suede, corduroy, denim, flokati as well as outdoor materials like out Outdoor Comfysak and our lightweight Comfysak Cloud.

    “I like to move it, move it”

    Comfysaks are light enough to be moved by a single person. The large and extra-large saks are easily carried by two people.

    Abrasion resistant and waterproof base

    Rugged and abrasion-resistant waterproof base

    We love the outdoors – so we created a Comfysak that has a sturdy and abrasion-resistant base that’s waterproof too. That means, your Comfysak can be part of your indoor and outdoor life. You can place the indoor Comfysak on the grass, on your balcony or by your pool…just please don’t leave it out there, that’s for our outdoor range only :)

    Affordable and smashing good value

    We set out to provide high-quality outdoor and indoor beanbags that our customers will love – but that are also good value for money! Have a look at our prices in our Comfysak online shop here.

    No frizzy hair

    Say what? Yes, have you ever sat on a chair or couch and stood up only to find your hair is super frizzy? Well, you won’t have that experience with a Comfysak as the base neutralizes the natural buildup of static electricity from foam and fabric. Your hair won’t stand on ends and you won’t get shocked!

    Locally made in Cape Town, South Africa

    We love to support local, and so should you! We’re a local company in Cape Town and all our products are locally made. We’re proudly made in the RSA!

    We sells out fast

    While we do always carry a lot of stock, we do sell out fast especially during the holiday season. The sak’s are popular. What more can we say?

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